Endeavor Analysis
Specialist Engineering

Endeavor Analysis

Specialist Engineering


Specialized analysis for today’s capacity-strained aerospace sector since 2007.

Privately owned and operated, Endeavor Analysis is a Pacific Northwest engineering company created in 2007 to support the need for specialized analysis in today’s capacity strained aerospace environment. EA has developed a strong employee base to go along with state-of-the-art hardware and software. Since our inception, EA has built a repeat client base of many world class aerospace companies. EA’s customer base has grown into the non-aerospace sector by using our tools and techniques for specialized analysis as well as concept and design verification.

Endeavor Analysis offers competitive pricing and can work your project under a "per hour" or "fixed price" contract. Contact us by email or phone and let us know how we can be of service




10414 East Moffat Road
Mead, WA 99021


(253) 212-8101




The Endeavor team averages 20 years of aerospace experience on a vast range of aircraft size and types.

  • Landing gear

  • Structural analysis

  • Maintenance repair and overhaul

  • Detail design

  • Validation testing


Structural maintenance, repair, and overhaul.


The Endeavor team’s structural analysis experience includes a variety of disciplines:

  • Thermal

  • Classical / Finite Element

  • Loads

  • Fatigue

  • Crack Growth

Tools and Fixtures

Using finite element, classical, and thermal analysis along with our experience with many aerospace and industrial materials and fabrication techniques, Endeavor will work with your design team to ensure that your fabrication tools and test fixtures meet project requirements.

3d Print Consulting

Have questions about:

  • materials,

  • resolution,

  • size, or

  • companies?

Mechanical Systems

Endeavor has applied our extensive aerospace experience to non-aerospace environments. Whether it is developing a repair for a wind turbine, providing analysis to validate a customer's concept or ensuring that a structural test rig meets all strength and safety requirements, Endeavor has a solution to meet your needs.